Photo of a large crowd of people in Washington D.C. Jan. 06 2021 I wish this image depicted Constitution Party members!

Introduction to Who We Are

Hello, I would like to introduce myself.

I’m actively involved in the Nation’s #1 LARGEST Constitutionally Conservative Political Party, and i would like to talk with you about it. We exist to promote & institutionalize the Original Intent of the Founders of our great country, through education, & direct civic engagement by running candidates, or promoting positive legislative measures, while opposing the harmful ones.

We wish to get rid of society’s poor choices in [so called] ‘leadership’, along with their horrific legislative acts, leading to the unconstitutional governance that enslaves society. We want an END to the horrors of Governmental interference in the Free Market of Business, Finance, and Personal Choices. We want the ‘government’ to be a legitimately run extension of ‘We The People’ and not a separatist organization that is determined to control you, through its Unconstitutional Mandates, Judicial Rulings, Disobedience to Common Sense, & Apathy towards Rule of Law.

How Does It Sound To You, So Far?

So; ….. Who Are We? .. We are people looking to establish a more Active, Vibrantly Growing, & Dynamically Successful, CONSTITUTIONAL Alternative to the status quo of the miserable ‘2 party politics’ we now have here, that plagues EVERY state throughout the country.

It all starts …. right at home, where you are. As the saying goes: “All Politics Is Local “ & local politics is exactly the right place to focus upon. Through that; we can gain control over our own lives, and get the ‘government’ OUT of it!

We have a plan, and it’s to build up a grassroots, ground-up approach; town by town, city by city, until the County you live in, is filled with law abiding, legislative office holders. The process is repeated until every county in the state, has a constitutional law abiding presence within it. Only Then; can we be ready to not only Run in a statewide race, but effectively have the foundation built upon, to WIN it as well.

Are you seeing it? …… Are you wanting not only a change, but ready to actually be a part of something truly great? Now is your chance. Now is your calling to become a member of an historic movement BACK towards Constitutional, Law Abiding Governance! Let us now discuss the details of this exciting, ground breaking opportunity.

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I’ll be back to you shortly. (And NO, you are not expected to make a donation, but it would be helpful. )

Yours Truly, Mario Mariotti

Constitution Party Services;
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Building a foundation upon true, constitutional, law abiding governance!

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