The area of where it all started is a much debated one, because there is, and has been; so much corruption of the original intent in the way things are supposed to be, that it is nearly completely unrecognizable in our modern society.

The corruption and ending of the true united states of America was a process that had taken a very great many years to implement. Each step of the way, from the Gilded Age of the 1800’s through to the moment when U.S. president Richard Milhous Nixon on Aug. 15, 1971 ended the final vestiges of the gold standard. The globalists and progessivists were at it, for far longer than most people can comprehend. …. And they STILL ARE!

Here are THE most poignant and important things that have completed the course that the corruption took, towards it’s finalization. We are RIGHT NOW; …. living in the aftermath of that era, and suffering it’s consequences.

** How The Republic Became A Monarchy **

After you have read the information contained within the above link; I want you to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER: …. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties are responsible for the enforcement of the corruption in government. It’s just a simple fact; they are the ones with the power to change things for the better, but ….. THEY DO NOT.

Why ?

They are too busy * Fighting With Each Other * to actually care to listen to your needs and wants.  WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be in charge, but alas; …. It just isn’t that way anymore.


There is a New American Revolution happening, and “We The People” are coming back to power! All across the country; people are signing up for the Constitution Party, as being the Best Alternative to the corruption, confusion, and kaos coming from the ‘duopoly system’ & it’s ‘Status Quo’ of Unconstitutional Governance.

The time for change is happening right now, within your local Village, Town, City, & District.  We want YOU to be a part of this exciting & historic change occurring. Wouldn’t you just Love to see it really happen? ….  Yup!

Fill out the membership form HERE and we will speak to you on what it’s all about, and how you too; can ” Ride the Wave to Freedom!” … πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

And Ladies and Gents;  here’s a nice audio podcast that totally hits the subject home!
It deals with Money, Currency, Banks, and the Federal reserve & more. Oh my, how the corruption abounds!

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